Crazy They Call Me

Book cover design. 

"Crazy They Call  Me" is a short story written by a contemporary English novelist, essayist, and short-story writer, Zadie Smith. Published in the New Yorker in 2017, the short story shares an imaganery intimate monologue of one of the most significant African- American Jazz singers of 20th century, Billie Holiday. This book cover design aims to communicate a silent cry from the heart of a singer, who was often blindly viewed as an entertainer of the New York public, rather than a powerful African-American woman with a very complicated and challenging lifestory.

P.S. in the memory of Billie Holiday, the Jazz queen of 20th century


Play me

Billie Holiday. Deep Song
Billie Holiday. Stormy Blues
Billie Holiday. I wished on the moon
Billie Holiday. Blue Moon
Billie Holiday. Moon Glow
Billie Holiday. Billie's blues